about bug girl


Hello bug or girl!


My name is Kayla (aka bug girl) and I am the sole creator behind Sweetest Tangerine by bug girl. I created this brand in 2018 when I was just 17 years old, and have poured all of my time, effort, creativity, and love into it ever since. Creating wearable and functional pieces of art adorned with dried flowers, bugs, and other aspects of nature that I find or grow, has become my life and there is nothing else I would rather do. 

My dream for Sweetest Tangerine by bug girl, is to one day open a physical shop on acres of land used to grow fields of flowers and sustain a sanctuary for rescued cows. I am actively working on making these aspirations a reality, and by supporting my shop you are directly helping me to do just that, which I am endlessly grateful for. 


All of my pieces are cruelty free and ethically made with love